E Cig Tips

On this page I’ll stick whatever tips I find. Being new to electronic cigarettes myself I’m learning all the time.

My Electronic Cigarette is Sucking too Much Air Through

Okay, let me explain.

When I started using the e-cig and filling up the cartomizers myself I had no problems at all, but as time went on it seemed that the cartomizer and battery weren’t joining together tightly enough, and this lack of a tight fit meant that when I sucked on it I could hear loads of air being sucked in through the join, and not a lot of vapour being created.

What I’ve found to be the problem is that grease off your fingers, dirt, etc gets into the threads that screw the 2 bits together, meaning the join isn’t as tight as it could be.

The Solution:

The fix is simple. All I did was got a bit of tissue paper, wet it (just damp, not dripping), and then held it over the end of the cartomizer.

I then got my thumbnail into the groove at the bottom of the thread and basically screwed my thumbnail around until I got to the top.

The result was loads of black oily stuff on the tissue.

I then got the tissue and screwed it into the end of the battery and screwed it around.

Then when I tried putting the 2 bits together again I got a much tighter fit, no more air being sucked through the side, and better vapour generation!

That’s the end of tip number 1 – I hope you find it useful!



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