Save Money – Filling Sky Cigs With E Liquid

The e-liquid I use to fill up my Sky Cig electronic cigaretteToday I’d like to help you to save some money – lots of money!

What I’m going to do is to show you how to refill your electronic cigarettes with e-liquid rather than buying pre-filled cartomizers.


1) If you decide to try this, which I strongly urge you to, then a great range of e-liquids to try is from “The Smokers Angel” otherwise known as E Cigarette Direct. They have a great range of reasonably priced e-liquids that are perfect for refilling cartomisers, you can visit them here.*

2) I’ve also recently found a company selling only 100% VG (Vegetable Glycerin) e-liquid, I’ve tried it and it is very good, you can learn more about it here.


While buying the cartomizers is definitely still cheaper than smoking tobacco, they seem to be getting more and more expensive – as a 40 a day smoker I’d have been spending around £120 per month on them.

This is a great saving on the £450 I spent on cigarettes, but a lot more than the £12 I now spend per month by filling my existing cartomizers with e-liquid – yes I’ve gone from spending £450 per month to under £12!

No wonder the government don’t like electronic cigarettes and are trying to suggest “they might be bad for you!” and need regulating (or taxing as it’s also known).

I don’t understand what regulating them will do, they regulate cigarettes and they aren’t safe are they?

Anyway, I use a Sky Cig and so what I’m going to do is to show you how I fill up my Skycig with e-liquid. It’s easy!

First of all you need to choose some e-liquid. I get mine from Vape Escape but there are loads of places you can buy it.

They sell it in small bottles for about £2.50 plus P&P so you can try some out and pick the one you like best. Once you’ve decided a 30ml bottle should last you all month, and costs under £12 including delivery.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember the eliquid contains nicotine and is poisonous if swallowed/drunk – so keep it out of reach of children!

Filling Your E Cigarette With E Liquid

End View of an Ecig CartomizerFirst of all unscrew the cartomizer (the cartridge with the atomizer built in) from the battery.

If you look at the end of the cartomizer you’ll see the bit you suck the vapour through, which is a white plastic cap with a hole in the center.

You need to take this end cap off.

It’s very easy to get out, it isn’t glued in, it’s just a push fit type plastic cap.

Removing the end of the Sky Cig cartomizer - with a fork!All you need to do is get something in the end hole and pop it out, I use a fork!

It’ll come out without any problem, you don’t need to wedge it right down the hole, just get the end of one of the tines in there and lever it out.

What you’ll find is that as well as the white end cap is a kind of transparent-ish rubber washer as well – take that out too.

Sky Cig cartomizer end cap and rubber washer
Often you’ll find that the rubber washer will come out with the end cap at the same time.

What you’ll then see looking down the end of the cartomizer is a kind of hollow tube that runs down the middle, and a lot of wadding around the outside of it.

The hollow tube contains the coil that heats up the e-liquid, the wadding is soaked in the e-liquid and delivers it to the coil.

Filling the Sky Cig cartomizer with e-liquid
What you want to do is to hold the cartomizer almost horizontally or flat.

Then tip the bottle at an angle and let the eliquid dribble onto the wadding.

As you’re doing this rotate the cartomizer around so that the wadding is equally soaked.

You want to be careful not to get the liquid down the central tube, otherwise you could damage the coil or element, and this could possibly damage the e cig battery.

Filled Sky Cig Cartomizer
When you’ve filled the cartomizer you’ll see that it looks “mushy” or wet.

You don’t want to put too much liquid in there, or you’ll be getting mouthfuls of it when you vape, and it isn’t very nice tasting!

It’s a bit of trial and error really to work out how much is enough.

Anyway, once you’ve done this you can put back the rubber washer and end cap, screw it onto a battery, and you’re good to go!

It really is as easy as that, and it’ll save you possibly over £100 per month, depending on how much you smoked.

*The link is an affiliate link. This means that if you click the link and go and buy something from E Cigarettes Direct then I’ll earn a small commission, which helps with the costs of running this website. It doesn’t cost you any more money for any of the products. If you aren’t happy about that then you can go there directly.



  1. where can i buy e loquids?

    • You can get them from Vape escape, the griswalds gourmets are very good, or from a multitude of other places.

      Check my PG vs VG page also for details on which might be better for you.

  2. Hi. i just took the top off a vip cartomizer, came off quite easily, there didn’t seem to be a washer in there. is that right?? Will it be ok to fill with e-liquid do you think?

    • Hi Charlie,
      I haven’t used VIP e-cigs so I can’t say with 100% certainty, but I’d imagine it’ll be like most other cartomisers and all you’ll need to do is drip the e-liquid into the wadding – just don’t over fill it.

      • Thanks. have ordered some e-liquid from vape escape. will see how i get on!

        • Got my e-liquid today and have just filled my cartomizer. brilliant! Had invested in an elite from the corner shop to see me through. didn’t like the taste of it at all. got the gold and silver and its much nicer. glad i found your blog very helpful thanks

          • Great Charlie, I’ve tried gold & silver too, I’ve ended up on the American red (they call it USA mix, it’s supposed to be Marlboro) in the end. I also quite liked Deluxe too.

            One of my favourites now is arctic cherry, I never thought I’d like something like that but it’s got a real menthol kick to it!

    • Donna Worsencroft says:

      I’ve Just refilled mine for the first told and it also didn’t have a washer? But seems to be working okay

  3. Hi, are there specific liquids for certain brands of e cig? I am using sky cig and not sure whether stuff you are recommending is suitable. Thanks in advance x

    • Hi Kim,
      no there aren’t any specific liquids for Skycig, I’ve used 5 or 6 different brands and they’ve all worked just fine, I’ve used the ones I recommend in my Skycig with no problems at all.

      They are practically the same formula, it’s just the flavouring and percentage of PG / VG in them that varies.


  4. I’m using SkyCig and like everyone I’m fed up of buying loads of cartridges each and every week so plan on buying some e-liquid. Can I add i.e. Cherry flavour e-liquid to say an old Menthol Cartridge which I have left over, will it be a problem? or would the taste just be a bit messed up for a while?

    • Hi Brad,
      yes you can still use it, you’ll get a bit of a menthol flavour until that liquid is totally used, then you’ll just be able to taste your cherry flavour or whatever one you use.

  5. Also, how long can you keep reusing one of the cartridges by refilling it before it begins to fail or can you just continue to use and use over and over again? As Im guessing at some point I’ll have to repurchase some more cartridges from skycig when the ones I have begin to fail?

    • There’s no hard and fast rule for how long you can use one for, it’s just until it stop working really.

      I have some that I’m using that must be 4 or 5 months old and they’re still going strong.

  6. Thanks Dave i just received a bottle of Delux 18mg .Really nice and smooth ,one day after ordering it was here ,followed your instructions filled it and loving it ,thanks again .

  7. margaret says:

    hope this really works as i now think everything is a con. i started skycigs last year and have found now that i run out so fast with the refills that i now spend lots of money and get thro refills in half the time also some dont work. Anyway going to give this a try and hope to god it works will let u know.

  8. Going to try the suggestion… been doing it for a while really but using a different method, but when I go through over £70 per month with Skycig it gets a bit expensive. The only problem with the old Skycig system seems that the batteries don’t last too long.

  9. Hi Dave,

    great write up and thanks for all the advise. Just looking around, and see that the e-liquids come in various sizes of bottle. Now I know that i depends how much you use but on average, how many normal smokes would you think to get out of a 30ml bottle.

    Just wondering really.


    • I smoked 40 per day and a 30ml bottle last me about a month.

      I think that with the e-cig I take a few puffs until I’m satisfied and then put it down, so probably not using it as much as 40 cigs worth if that makes sense.

  10. margaret says:

    well does work so yeh, now just getting the right flavour as got so used to the classic tobbaco refill so trying diff bottles to find one that is just right then all will be great

  11. I came across ur site this morning,just filled skycig with e-liquid wow works treat thanks,really easy to fill

  12. Hi Dave.
    I have jumped on your band wagon and i am using e liquid. I am using vapehut £3.25 10ml and £4.99 30ml…. ordered two 10ml to see how i get on but seems great so far!!! thanks a lot for your advice. All we need now is a decent battery. Sky cig one is becoming a joke!!
    4 weeks and counting…


  13. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the great advise.

    I’m just struggling a little as I have filled it as you suggested however no smoke/ vapour is being made?

    Do I have to fill the flavour before the original vapour has finished?


    • Hi Holly,
      the cartomiser might be damaged, and you need to be sure not to overfill it.

      It doesn’t matter if you put in the e-liquid before it’s run out or while it still has some of the original flavour left, you just don’t want it to be dripping out of the bottom of the cart.


      • Hi this seems like a brilliant idea ! I would like to try the menthol flavour eliquid in my skycig ( boy they are so expensive ) can anyone recommend a good menthol liquid ? Thanks in advance : )

        • Hi,
          I’ve tried a few menthol ones and most weren’t very good, they had a menthol taste but not the menthol kick. In the end my favourite is “Arctic Cherry” from VapeEscape (it’s one of the Griswalds gourmet recipes).

          It gives you a proper cooling menthol effect and has a great taste as well.

          I think the ones that give you the real menthol feel have actual menthol crystals dissolved into them.

          That one is the best one I’ve managed to find.

          • Thanks for that , I’ve ordered the menthol and the arctic cherry , I can’t wait to refill , fingers crossed I can do it ok ! Could you please also tell me how many cartridge refills I would get out of 30ml bottle of e liquid ?

            • Hi,
              I’ve never worked out how many refills, but the 30ml bottle last me pretty much all month.


              • Hi Dave
                Got my e liquid this am , wow quick delivery !! I have filled my ecig and seems to be working a treat ! I’ve soaked the wadding , and wondered if there is any danger of overdosing on this stuff , it seems pretty dangerous ! Although the ecig is working a treat puffing out a nice fair pace ! I feel I may be punished for saving soooo much money and die lol – yours anxiously Emmy

  14. Hi Dave

    I have recently bought a skycig and it’s great but i was wondering if you know if sky cig is a 510 cartomizer?Because ifnot will need to buy one been reading on net about them .If they are NOT and i buy one will they fit the battery that i have (skycig) or if not which ones will fit.?

  15. Cheers Dave reason i asked this is because I have filled it as you suggested however no smoke/ vapour is being made?. Maybe the cartomizer is a faulty one cos hardly used it plus when i did was nothing there.Also before i try my next empty one classic tobacco should i buy the e-liquid in the photo at the top of this page via the website you can buy it from ?

    • Hi,
      it sounds like it is a faulty catomiser, if you try another one it should work fine. You can buy lots of different types of e-liquid, I’d recommend over time trying a few different flavours from different suppliers, you can get them in small 5ml bottles for about £2.50 – £3, it very much is down to personal taste so it’s worth trying different brands and flavours.

      The odd thing I found is that when I smoked (Marlboro) I couldn’t stand the taste of other brands of cigarette, but with the e-liquid I even like the fruit flavours, which I really didn’t think I would like.

      From Vape Escape I use the USA mix quite regularly, I also like the Deluxe flavour, Silver and Gold, and the Arctic Cherry & Cherry Pipe (the last 2 are gourmet recipes). I did also use the Turkish cigarette flavour for a while which is very realistic.


  16. Hi Dave bought some e-liquid from my home town market today and filled my near enough empty cartomizer and bingo it works just great,also works on my e-lite cig.
    I did mine my using the condom method,how many drops would you recommend doing it like in your photo?.
    Glad i found this page because it looks like i will save loads of money now

    • Hi,
      glad you’ve got it working. If you fill it by adding drops you just keep adding until the wadding is saturated, if you add too much it’ll be dripping out of the end of the cartomiser (the end you screw into the battery), if it does that you’ve added too much, you’ll then need to use a piece of kitchen roll or similar to absorb the excess, otherwise it could damage the battery.

      Give it a try, and good luck on the money saving front!


  17. Thanks Dave.
    Seriously going to give this a try. Have just ordered VG option and have read reviews and am going to give the most popular flavour a go.
    Wish me luck.

    • Good Luck! – I’m sure you’ll love it, no more cartomisers that don’t work properly or only last 2 minutes, and you have a much greater choice of flavours to try out and enjoy.


  18. Ordered sample bottles after reading your page and i have just ordered more plus a starter kit. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  19. Hi dave thank you for sharing with us how to refill and where to get the vaping liquid ! I have just ordered another 2 bottles ! I have been off cigarettes now for 4 weeks thanks to the skycig and vaping liquid ! Thank you again dave

  20. Hi, do the vapourisers have a life expectancy?

    • Hi Lee,
      it’s difficult to give an accurate lifespan they can vary wildly from one to another. It’s just pot luck I’m afraid.


  21. Still of the cigs 15 days but cant find a e-liquid i like the most.People have said try red bull but never drank the stuff so wouldnt now,others have said strawberry and kiwi are nice so is bananna flavour.
    Smoked Regal King Size most of my life so if anyone else who has smoked this brand and found something similar to this let me know please thank-you

    • If you want a cig flavour you might like silver and gold from vape escape. I also like cherry pipe from their gourmet range, and their arctic cherry if you like a menthol ciggie.

  22. Hi Dave,

    Does the cartomiser need to be cleaned before filling? i.e. when changing flavours or just to generally keep it fresh and tasting good? If so, could you provide the process for doing this without damaging anything please? Would i just take out the stuffing and clean it, or clean the whole cartridge with the coil too?



    • Hi,
      I don’t bother to clean them out, I saturate them with the new flavour and then blow the excess out through the bit that screws onto the battery, this tends to give you pretty much the new flavour right away.


  23. Dave B says:

    Been off cigs now since 23 Jan,and still experimenting with flavours and cartomisers,I have found that 510 Innokin Cartomisers from Vape Escape to be the best so far,they are slightly bigger than sky cig carto’s easy to fill and last a lot longer and not such a hard draw . They are £5.99 for pack of 5 ,i now have 20 of them and i cant fault them. They fit sky cig batteries but bit too big for the pcc. But they have condoms on both ends so just fill them and keep in your pocket. Am using 18mg liquid T5 and winson, found them to be a good vape. Just wish i could get batteries like the sky cig ones that last a bit longer,i am recharging all day, they all differ time wise.

  24. This is for Dave B bought myself same empty ones from vape escape only filled 1 so far condom method a works fine.Plus the sky cig battery does fit them like you said,also like to mention the refills from skycig do fit the 510 batterys from vape escape loads of vape too.Not recharged the battery from vape escape as yet but im guessing they fit the skycig charger look the same.As for skycig battery rubbish tbh bought 2 one is fine the other packed up within a week,guess where thats gone?.In the bin.Trial an error with all e-cigs batterys i suppose but cheaper than a pack of 20 fags.Still get the urge for a proper smoke and im using 18mg aswel dont understand because i only ever smoked 10/15 a day if that strange.

  25. Hi Dave. I took your advice regarding the Riva 1100 kit. Got to say wish i’d came across this before wasting money on the sky cig!! Batteries works great, you get 2 so no needs to stress about running out. Easy to use and although cost more to buy the kit it’s well worth it!! Yeah they don’t look like a cig but have a lovely pink one!!! E liquids are so much cheaper have used a few places. Trial and error getting one i like but still delighted, Many thanks for your much appreciated advice… 8 weeks and counting..


  26. Hi Dave,
    I just wanted to say thanks for the tips! I found your blog a few days ago after being frustrated with spending a fortune on Nicolites cartomisers over the last 7 months. I can confirm that this method works with Nicolites! I got 30ml e-liquid from for £13.49 + p&p. Really fast delivery. I just wish I had bought stronger than the 12mg, but it will do for this month. I think I will need to try a few different flavours until I settle with one, but so far, so good!
    Thanks again!

  27. Hi there, I am about to buy the skycig starter pack, and want to buy some e liquid instead of the refills (after reading your blog, it certainly seems the most cost effective method!) do I need to buy a special cartomizer, or can I just use the ones that come with the starter pack?

    Thank you in advance 🙂

    • Hi Claire,
      you can just refill the ones that come with the starter pack, and if they eventually stop working you can buy blank ones very cheaply.


  28. This site has saved me a fortune,thanks dave..just wondered if you or anybody else would know why the vapor is sometimes burning the back of my throat when I inhale,could it be overfilling? Any advice would be great!!
    Lou x

  29. Hi Dave. Have you come across any eliquid similar to either of the Skycig tobacco flavours? Cheers.

    • Hi,
      yes I’ve been using the coffee flavour (VG) e-liquid from nucig (here) and to me it tastes very similar to Skycigs tobacco flavour – to my taste buds anyway.

  30. Hi , I have been trying VG e-liquid from nucig for a month now and found it to be much better on the throat without losing the effect of smoking, LYK-SLKT 6mg and tobacco 1.8%vol they both give good amount of vapour. Maybe could be a bit stronger but they are the same feeling as smoking silk cut minus the smell of real cigs. Sky cig batteries are packing up on me now daily,i need to find 510 batteries that can be charged using sky cig equipment.

    • Hi,
      I’m just doing a review of a new brand called Lucky 8’s (read it here – I do highly recommend them). I have been using them for about 10 days and the batteries are compatible with Skycigs charger unit and carts, they might be worth trying – no probs with their batteries yet, but it is early days.

  31. Thanks for your reply,I’ll have a look although I bought some new cartomisers and don’t seem to be getting the burning so far,
    Lou x

  32. Hi, I bought some eliquid and have been trying to refill the carts with little progress. It seems to me that when I refill it it lasts very limited amount of time and I’m having to refill constantly. I had to put around 50 drops into the old skycig cart to get it to vape. I guess practice is needed. The skycig refills are a joke, costs more than buying ordinary cigs.

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