Sky Cig Discount Code

Sky Cig Discount Code

Skycig are no more they are now blu, I also recommend the Zodiac e-cigarette

I use a Sky Cig, they seem to be just about the best known brand in the UK.

The starter kit is normally £49.99 – However, if you follow the link below and use the discount code SUN you’ll get the starter kit for just £11.99 – saving you £38!

You can visit Sky Cig & Save £38 here

The code definitely worked the last time I used it, although of course they could pull that offer at any time. If it stops working then voucher code: ecigdiscount will definitely get you a discount off your Sky Cig.

If you find the code isn’t working anymore please let me know and I’ll find another one.

You can read a Sky Cig review by clicking the link in the menu.

[this is an affiliate link, I earn a very small commission from you buying a Sky Cig, and I am not promoting or recommending them – just trying to save you money if you’ve already decided you are going to buy one].



  1. alan stafford says:

    i have been using skycig for 2years now great product but its a shame when the cartridges dont work i buy about 50 at a time and 31 of my last order didnot work

    • Hi,

      That’s a lot of duff cartomisers, have you considered refilling them? I’m using the coffee flavour VG e-liquid from Nucig and to me it tastes very similar to Skycigs classic tobacco flavour – and the VG doesn’t seem to dry out my throat and airways like the PG used by most companies.


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