VG E-Liquid

If you’ve read my PG vs VG page then you’ll know that some people can find the PG e-liquids too harsh for them, causing dry throats, dry airways, and other varying symptoms.

The alternative is to use VG or Vegetable Glycerin e-liquid, but alas it is difficult to find anyone who sells only VG liquid, rather than 100% PG or a PG/VG mix, most companies prefer to sell the PG based stuff because it traditionally gives off much more vapour.

Well the great news is that I’ve found a supplier who do 100% VG e-liquid only, they have a great range of flavours, and I’ve tried it and it is very good, giving off a good vapour and with strong flavours.

They are a well known company, Nucig, and you can see their range of VG e-liquids here * (you’ll need to scroll down the page a bit to get to the flavours).

They have all of the usual tobacco flavours to choose from, menthol, cigar flavours, and a lot of the fruit flavours that seem to be so popular.

Prices are competitive with other e-liquid suppliers, and they do bottle sizes up to 80ml, so almost 3 times the size you can get from anywhere else.

If you have been finding the PG liquids too strong for you, or have suffered from any side effects, then I highly recommend having a look at these 100% VG e-liquid flavours from Nucig.

* [This is an affiliate link meaning I’ll get a small commission if you follow the link and buy one of the e-liquids. It doesn’t affect the price you pay for the e-liquid. This helps me with the running costs of this website, but if you’d prefer you can go directly to the vendors website].



  1. Hi Dave
    Tomorrow is going to be my 3rd day with SKYCIG. I love it! Still have a few Chesterfield Menthol left, by every time I want a puff, I opt for the e-cig. So far, so good. BUT: My tong feels funny & my throat is dry. So glad I found your blog, as I think I now have the answer to the side effects – VG e-liquids. I’m going to try re-filling my existing cartridges, as you advise.
    Thank you once again. All the best – Olga

    • Hi Olga,
      well done I hope you can keep it up. With regards to your question re flavours it’s just a matter of trying them and seeing which you prefer I’m afraid, best to order the small sample bottles to try them out first.


  2. Thank you Dave
    I’m now trying different e-liquids. Cherry stays my favourite for now.
    Best regards

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